How Carl does Halloween…. feast or famine!

Halloween in America goes back to the early 1900’s.  What’s that make it….. about a 117 year old tradition?  So what rock has Carl Little been hiding under that he totally doesn’t grasp the concept of Halloween?  His Mom always told me that he never played.  He worked.  Even as child.  He worked.  He built his first “structure” when he was around 9.  It was a “goat barn”…. a 2-story goat barn!  I had baby dolls when I was 9.  My brother had army men and plastic horses.  Carl must’ve had goats.  Figure it.  But anyway, all that to say….. maybe he didn’t grow up going Trick-or-Treating.  He probably was too tired from having worked all day, plus he probably was pouring concrete the next day, even at age 9!  Who knows?!!


Anyway….. when I think of Halloween and Carl two memories surface and they swing from feast to famine!  To be honest, this first memory was actually triggered by an encounter I had this morning with the mom of our nieces.  Ahhh, back in the day…. when all these little cousins were young.  I ran into Pat this morning when I went to her daughter’s bakery for my Halloween cupcakes!  (SHOUT-OUT to Rachael and Petite Sweets— BEST EVER!  And isn’t she just the cutest little mermaid!  She said it’s what her niece, Super Woman Payton, wanted her to dress up as!)

Pat and I were catching up, talking about Halloween, talking about our memories.  One of Pat’s was of Uncle Carl.  She was recalling the time that I was gone….. I was doing something with my Mother and had left Carl in charge of Halloween.  She said our house had a line…..most popular venue in the community.  And she soon found out why……. Carl had bought those HUGE mega-sized candy bars!  Everybody else was passing out Tootsie Roll Midgets, but not us!  Go big or go home.  Evidently that was his motto back in the day.

At lunch today I asked Carl if he remembered that story, as it was kinda vague to me (but then I wasn’t there, was I…..I’m with my Mother… remember?!)  Well, he remembered!  And he went on to say that as he recalled, I fussed at him.  I don’t remember that.  But it distinctly sounds like something I would do.

I told Pat that obviously somewhere along the line from that point in time, something malfunctioned in Carl’s mind regarding Halloween.  Somewhere along the way, he lost the concept.  He actually never did have a tremendous concept of it….. I mean, WHO gives away 1/2 lb. Hershey Bars.  Or maybe after that he was working …… concrete must be dealt with, it waits for no man (or holiday).  Or maybe I just always took care of Halloween after that, never dare trusting him to dispense candy from our front door again.  I don’t know…. but MY memory of Carl and Halloween happened about 4 or 5 years ago.  The story went like this….

We were living between houses and had moved into a condo.  I really didn’t expect many (if any) Trick-or-Treaters that year.  Not many (if any) young families lived in that complex, and I had a meeting to attend at church that just happened to be meeting on Halloween night.  But no biggie…. we wouldn’t probably have any Trick-or-Treaters anyway.  None-the-less I bought the candy, I put it in a bowl at the bottom of the staircase, and left Carl in charge.  When I got home I asked him…. “did we have any Trick-or-Treaters?”  “Oh yeah, we did….Brittney brought the twins by!”  Me: “Ahh, gee! I hate I missed ‘em!  Were they all dressed up?”  Carl: “Oh yeah they were.  They were really cute.”  Me: “Well, I hope you loaded them up with candy, especially since they were the only ones we had.” Carl: “Candy?”  Me: “Don’t TELL me you did not give them any candy!!”

Seriously….. what in the world must Brittney have thought!  I did call her after that disastrous Halloween to apologize, and she laughed and told me she did see the candy and I did have her favorites.  I told her, “I guess my husband just thinks people randomly show up at your door to let you look at their kids. I don’t know.”

But ya know, some things you just think are a given.  It just did not occur to me to tell my husband….”Now honey, our doorbell may ring tonight and when you go to the door there will be children dressed in various costumes.  There might be goblins, or Raggedy Ann’s and Andy’s, or little angels, or Cinderella’s. They will likely say something to the effect of ‘Trick or Treat”.  At that point, your job is to smile, say something like ‘how cute’, and then GIVE THEM A TREAT.  This will involve your reaching your hand into this candy bowl I have put out and taking a candy bar and GIVING IT TO THEM!  Ya got that?”

It just never occurred to me to give instructions on how to do Halloween!  But, as we went down memory lane today at lunch, we had a good laugh.  And when he left, he told me he’d be home early, he didn’t want to miss Halloween!  He also said he ought to give Brittney a call and tell her to bring the twins on by….. he’d try to do better this year.

So if you’re out and about, doing Halloween tonight, come on by the Little’s.  It could go either way…… you might come away with a boatload of candy…. or you might just get a hearty greeting of “sure glad ya’ll stopped by to show us the kid’s outfits.  They’re great!”



7 thoughts on “How Carl does Halloween…. feast or famine!

  1. This is great! I ❤️ Carl. I heard the house behind ours is heading out but leaving a basket of full size candy bars on their step – we need to get some, so they know their generosity was appreciated, don’t you think? I wish we could come by tonight. I will send pics instead. Love you!

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  2. Who doesn’t love a good Carl story?! And who doesn’t just love Carl?! I’m so glad we got to stop by on Halloween, grab a slice of homemade bread (but not butter), a few cinnamon rolls for the road, and a handful of candy in each bucket (given by you and not Carl) for the boys. Great memories as I take notes of how to host the best Halloween for when I grow up! 😉

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    1. You ALWAYS bless my heart so!! What a gift God gave us those many years ago when He ordained a basement-dweller should come into our hearts and lives! You might not have a colon, but you’ve sure got enough heart for a boatload of folks! And just because you’re you….. I think I’ll churn butter next Halloween!! Why would I not?!!


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