How to travel with a LARGE family and not kill each other…… and How to travel this thing called “life” and finish well — they are one and the same!

So we took a trip to Colorado…. 10 of us.  The criteria was:  having the root system of either BEING Little or having married a Little (bless).  That link created a dynamic which spanned from age 2+ (who was post potty-training) to age 68!  Sprinkled within that range was one teenager, one middle-schooler, one elementary … Continue reading How to travel with a LARGE family and not kill each other…… and How to travel this thing called “life” and finish well — they are one and the same!

God Speaks……. without words!

Psalm 19:1 “The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork.” I don’t think I know the person (be them saved or unsaved, a believer or not) who isn’t totally awed and taken aback with the amazing beauty of the sky!  It’s just that I know “WHY” and they may … Continue reading God Speaks……. without words!

So everybody’s dealing with something…….

So everybody IS dealing with SOMETHING!  And most of our “SOMETHINGS” have a common thread….. * we weren’t expecting it * we didn’t want it * we can’t seem to get rid of it * it invades our thought process * it seems to set itself up on the throne of our world * and … Continue reading So everybody’s dealing with something…….

Possibility and Promise…..

Are you an “end-result” kinda person?  I’ve noticed that this is how some of the marketing sorts grab our attention, evidently assuming that we are that “end-result” kinda person!  And it makes sense, actually……   Here’s what I want to happen!!  And here’s how it’s gonna!  It’s the principe of the “IF / THEN math"!  … Continue reading Possibility and Promise…..

Legacy of a Building…..

Some things never change.  Some things eventually do!  Some things shouldn’t~ some should! Carl and I graduated from Boones Creek High School in 1970~  Two years after we graduated, the schools in Washington County underwent “consolidation”…. that being, all the small county schools were re-districted together, be it into Davy Crocket High School or Daniel … Continue reading Legacy of a Building…..

Authority – Truth – & Krispy Kreme

Authority — The word denotes pictures in one’s mind of an expert whose views are taken as definitive.  They know… they said… it’s true!  But that said, this idea can run amuck pretty easily, just based on how well the person’s proclaimed view is marketed.  Some are better at this than others, perhaps because of … Continue reading Authority – Truth – & Krispy Kreme

So what’s the point……?

Value. Worthy. Not Worthy. Such Faith. I was reading Luke 7:1-10 this morning, and those 4 words were my pop-ups!  But maybe I should write it out…..     Look for the pop-ups as you read! After He (Jesus) had finished all His sayings in the hearing of the people, He entered Capernaum. Now a … Continue reading So what’s the point……?

The Re-Visit of God

I love "the re-visit of God"! It always comes unexpectedly for me......  We met. We talked. And I came away feeling refreshed, amazed, comforted, consoled.  But then I head back into life.  Life -- that place where words like sadness, disappointment, fear, and angst abide.  It can be a challenge.  Ahhhh...... but then there's "the … Continue reading The Re-Visit of God