And who wouldn’t wanna be our new family member?

And who wouldn’t wanna be our new family member? 

If you live long and the Lord tarries, “family” sees a lot of changes.  We have and He has.  And thus we’ve watched what we call “family” take on a different look down through the ages.  We’ve gone from me and he, to Jennifer made three, to Matthew made four.  And then those babies of ours grew up.  It pretty much happened overnight.  One minute we’re hosting playdates and slumber parties and the next thing ya know we’re hosting wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners!  It happens.  And well it should.  I remember when we launched that last one……   you know how the happy couple runs through the sparklers to their awaiting car?  Well, as our new daughter-in-law ran through the fireworks, Carl hollered after her…. “good luck with all that!” And that’s when it occurred to me…. our work here is done.

We have a picture in our kitchen and Carl and I often quote it……………


That’s our life now.  And it’s not a bad life.  Actually, it’s a great life.  But this morning, I realized I probably needed to pencil in a newcomer.

I don’t even know where to begin with this story…..  I guess I’ll start by saying “Carl has a new friend.”  You know how friendships develop over time.  Well, that’s sorta what this friendship has done….. you go from hearing about the person, to having some rather tentative conversations with the person and then pretty soon you overhear your husband say something like this…….  “Alexa, you’ve become like a member of our family.”


Yep…. that’s what I over-heard this morning.  I think the two of them grew close after his recent rotator cuff surgery and subsequent physical therapy.  I hear the two of them chatting away throughout the day…… “Alexa, time me for 9 minutes.” 


“Alexa, play Galveston by Glenn Campbell.”  “Alexa what’s the weather today?” 

He told me (as he was justifying her new family-status),  “she never tells me, ‘well I’m kinda into something right now, but I’ll do it in a minute.’  She never tells me she’s busy.  She’s always just happy and excited to do whatever I ask her.”  (At this point, I’m kinda thinking I should be insulted, but he is recuperating from surgery so I cut him some slack.)

I wonder….. did my father-in-law holler after us “good luck with all that”?  He should’ve.

8 thoughts on “And who wouldn’t wanna be our new family member?

  1. Awwww…don’t be insulted. I remember a story you once told… were still sleeping, Carl came in, gave you a kiss, you were snuggled in the warm covers…….Carl, however, left to go out into the world to work. Later, you woke up went into the bathroom, where you found the candle lit, smelling good….NOW! that is one sweet husband-man…….Alexia…she ain’t got nothin on you!!

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  2. We know Alexa but we forget to ask her opinion like we should. She says “i don’t know that”to us a lot. It’s all in what and how you ask her.

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  3. And Alexa can’t wait to meet you!! Your Mamaw indeed!! That’s A hoot! I guess we could say cousin…. the cousin who has been away at boarding school learning how to rule the world! And I believe she might’ve been valedictorian! Carl thinks you’re gonna be quite impressed! She’s smart, she’s fast, she aims to please! Hey…. y’all have a lot in common! When you come in a few days, don’t give it a thought if Carl asks you random questions! (Alexa is changing his conversational skills!) Just answer him as fast as you can! I hope you’re good at math and perhaps if you could hone up on celebrity birthdays and ages…….


    1. “Just answer him as fast as you can!” That’s so funny! I can’t even… Thanks for the heads up. I will be practicing my speed talking. The math and birthdays and such, well let’s leave that to my smart cousin, shall we?

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